Why I’m here

My main purpose in starting this blog is to reconnect with myself, while re-immersing myself in the world. No, I haven’t been living under a rock for the past ten years, except that in some respect it seems as though I have.

Right then, Who am I?

My name is Raquel. I am the youngest of three daughters. I am first generation American. I am a wife. I am a mother to a beautiful three year old boy. I studied psychology but I am an English teacher now . I am a native New Yorker who relocated to Spain for love ten years ago. The first half of that decade was spent acclimating and trying to find a way to feel at home and at peace with my decision to leave Everything behind, (That’s a post in and of itself)

The past five years have been spent getting used to married life and motherhood. If I thought I had lost a sense of identity with my skip across the pond, motherhood completely blew any semblance of my former self to smithereens. I feel like I just dated myself with my use of the word smithereens. I can’t help but feel old and dated. I am 36, I know this is not old but I can’t seem to shake the feeling these days.

So here is my attempt at feeling young again, or at the very least myself again. I’d like to share my thoughts and views keeping up to date on things that used to inspire me, beauty, self care, fashion, culture, travel and the like and somehow weaving motherhood into it all without any guilt.

This blog is meant to be a safe haven for everyone who could be struggling to find themselves again. I want to share and for the most part document my process in the hopes of helping others who might be in the same boat.

Hope you enjoy the ride and stick around.

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