Easter crafts

Raising my son here in Spain has really made me appreciate my American culture. It’s important for me to share that with him as much as possible.

Easter is definetely one of those holidays I want to make special for him. Here in Spain it’s all about religious processions; which are so beautiful to see. The religious fervor that’s in the air is really quite amazing to be present for. But it’s not an immersive experience, at least not in the north of Spain and certainly not for children.

I remember donning my Sunday best with my matching Easter Bonnet. Sneaking jellybeans from my Easter basket during the sermon every time the pastor looked away. Obviously, I won’t be able to recreate this for him, but I will try to spoil him with a fabulous Easter basket. My sister is so kind to send over a care package every year with every kind of Easter treat imaginable.

This year it will be the first he will be fully aware of the holiday and can actively participate in it. So this year I will try to decorate the house as much as I can. I will have to be creative as the Easter bunny doesn’t really exist here.

My first project is an Easter banner for his play area.

I’ve bought a Happy Birthday banner from the dollar store. I’ll use the backside.

And printed out a free printable colorful Happy Easter sign. This one is from riograndvalley.momcollective.com They have some really cute stuff.

The end result is cute enough. I think he will really enjoy it.

I’ll try to have an update with some cute crafts I’d like to try and make with him this weekend.

I’d love to hear and see any cute craft ideas you have as well.

2 thoughts on “Easter crafts

  1. Such a sweet mom. I remember visiting my husband’s family one Easter in Italy. I knew they didn’t do the baskets so I brought all the supplies with me to make a paper basket for my daughter. Italy was such an amazing place to be in for the Easter holidays. It was beautiful and we all got to experience different traditions. Your banner came out beautiful.

    1. Oh, Thank you, he really enjoyed the banner and going through all the different colors. I can only imagine how beautiful Easter in Italy must have been. How smart to think ahead and make sure the Easter bunny made it to Italy as well.

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