The Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Of Your Dreams

I’m a city girl born and raised, but I LOVE a farmhouse kitchen. There is something so comforting about the warmth and security it evokes. The Modern take on a Farmhouse kitchen is the perfect blend of what a functional, family orientated kitchen should be as a central hub for family and friends to gather and feel at home.

When I think modern farmhouse kitchen I think about the seamless blending of the two styles. Contrasting warm tones against sleek edges. Beautifully crafted country pieces in a minimal clutter free space. Rustic chairs sitting under polished islands. White washed wood set against smooth patina cabinet while exposed beams hang over modern pendent lights, and open wooden shelves lay against a modern tile. All together it lends a hand in creating that modern-country look.

Source Holly Mathis Interiors

Internal barn doors, wood paneling and washed timber are just some ways to help tie in the country element. One nice trend is the use of horizontal or vertical wood paneling on the island. The texture evokes a sense of relaxation. One of my favorite staples of a farmhouse kitchen is the apron sink. You can choose between concrete or porcelain, combine it with a simple farm house tap to ensure that country feel.

Don’t forget about the floors, warm toned flowing wood floors are a staple of the modern farmhouse kitchen. In a house with an open floor plan continuing the wood into the kitchen adds a sense of space.

Source Holly Mathis Interiors

What style is your dream kitchen? I’d love to hear all about it.

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