Yet another mass shooting

The heartbreaking and devastating events of the past few weeks have really made me pause to think of the true issue at hand. I’m watching from a far and the different responses just seem so surreal to me. Every time there is a mass shooting it seems we automatically jump back in the hamster wheel. The same arguments are made for both sides, nothing ever changes, no action is ever actually taken and after a few days the media coverage subsides and life goes back to normal.

But there is nothing normal about it.

Since 2009 there have been 245 mass shootings in the United States.

The Right wingers cry out for their sacred 2nd amendment rights, the NRA gets richer and richer with all the impromptu fund-raising, while the left moans and complains without ever really addressing the issue, without ever really putting forth any kind of first step at a solution and we NEED a solution.

The first issue to be resolved

Is that we are not on the same page with regards as to what actually IS the problem. It’s complex to say the least, but we are never going to even begin to scratch the surface if an open and honest dialogue is not the first objective. Every time there is a mass shooting the Right says; now is not the time for debate, people are in mourning.

So when is the time?

It’s not a clear cut case both sides have to see that. The problem isn’t necessarily the right to bear arms, It’s the lax laws making it possible for pretty much anyone to be able to buy a military grade assault weapon or any weapon for that matter with little to no background check. There is no reason why a civilian should ever own such arsenals. It’s the estimated 250-280 million illegal firearms that are circulating within the country.

It’s simple math

The more access to guns you have the higher the rate and propensity for these types of mass shootings to occur. The U.S accounts for 4.4% of the worlds population and owns 44% of the worlds guns. This is not normal, clearly we must see the correlation. Do you know what country falls second in both gun ownership and mass shootings? Yemen, yes, war ravaged Yemen comes in at a very close second.

That’s just speaking of the problem in terms of the actual weapon itself.

We all have to look at ourselves as a society

and ask, why are we breeding this type of hate? What is it about our way of life that fosters this rage and aggression? This is a pivotal question, one that is not being asked or it seems even contemplated. If we ask this question honestly the answer will always come back to our access to guns.

Statistically speaking a New Yorker has the same odds of getting mugged as a Londoner, but the New Yorker is 54 times more likely to be killed in the process. As a New Yorker I have to tell you, I am not okay with that being the status quo.

So I have to accept that our American crime is just more lethal? Something has got to give. I have certain inalienable rights as well, that shouldn’t be infringed upon. I think living and raising our children in a country where they are not at a much higher risk of gun violence than any other part of the world definitely should be on that list.

Here are some Links to offer more information and perspective on the matter.

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