Function of Beauty Review

I’ve been using L’Oréal’s Kerastase Nutritive for fine dry damaged hair for over half a decade. It’s pricey but I really felt it restored my hair when I went back to my natural dark brown from a blonde fiasco. I had asked the hair dresser for a nice milk-chocolatey brown and walked out blonde! But that’s a topic for another post altogether. Needless to say the transition was rough and I’ve been loyal to Kerastase ever since.

This past February the region in Spain where I live under went a month long lock-down and of course just my luck, it coincided with pretty much all of my usual toiletries and beauty supplies running out. So I figured I’d try something new. I’d heard lots about Function of Beauty’s customizable skin care serums and thought I’d give their Shampoo and Conditioner a shot.

The quiz is brief and you pick from an assortment of hair goals, the color and fragrance you’d like and voilá you have yourself a personalized shampoo and conditioner. The process was simple enough but to be honest I didn’t really have high hopes. The price is a bit cheaper than Kerastase so I didn’t see the harm in trying.

I chose deep condition, fix split ends, strengthen, thermal protection and nourish roots as my hair goals. I was feeling nostalgic and chose lavender and eucalyptus my mothers favorite scent in medium fragrance strength. The colors you have to choose from are all so pretty. I let my son choose and he went for a teal shampoo and a light purple conditioner. A very nice color palette if you ask me.

My personalized shampoo and conditioner came by mail in a cute little box. I have to say seeing your name on the bottle; Function of Raquel was cute, the stickers that come with the product to decorate your bottles were a hit with my son too.

It’s now been two months and I’m only half way through the bottles, I share the conditioner with my son. It lasts much longer than Kerastase because I find that my hair stays cleaner for longer. I can go four to five days without washing before my hair starts to get oily. This is amazing for me as scheduling in a wash and blow dry is always an ordeal. Another change I’ve noticed is that upon my initial blow dry I don’t need to use the flat iron to smooth out my frayed split ends. So I assume that means the fix split ends hair goal is a success.

Overall, I am really happy with this change and will become a subscriber and receive a cute Function of Raquel box every three months.

I encourage you to try it. I’m glad I did.

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